Why We’re Raising Prices at Rancho Sierra

Why are we raising prices at Rancho Sierra?

No one likes raising prices.  We know that this is a sensitive issue for our customers, so we try hard to keep our prices constant.  But we haven’t raised our golf rates in several years and with costs increasing, we believe we have no choice.

I liken it to a piece of hard sized luggage.  Imagine our golf course costs as the contents of that suitcase.  Those costs are increasing, but we’re stuffing them in as best we can – getting everyone to sit on that suitcase while we try desperately to squeeze it closed and lock it fast.  But try to fit that one more item in and it all explodes!

I believe we offer the best golf value in the Antelope Valley.  We strive to provide the best golf experience possible at reasonable rates.

We care about the quality of our course, and want our golfers to have a great time when they visit Rancho Sierra.  We can’t control the weather, nor can

Mark and Daryl on #9

Mark and Daryl on #9

we control your golf game, but we want to do the best we can in the areas we do control.  Specifically, providing excellent customer service and working hard every day to maintain and improve the course.

So why are we raising prices at Rancho Sierra?

It’s no secret that the cost and manpower to maintain a golf course is high.  Golf course equipment and insurance is expensive.  Electricity is expensive.

While Rancho Sierra is fortunate to be able to use well water for irrigation, we do need to pump the water from the ground into our lakes and canals, and then from the lakes onto the course.  That requires expensive pumps and electricity – a lot of electricity.

At Rancho Sierra, we run a lean ship.  We purchase merchandise at good prices and pass the deals on to our customers.  Our customers are smart.  They price shop.  And many buy online unless the prices at Rancho Sierra are good and competitive.

In order to maintain our course while keeping the rates reasonable, we walk a fine line.

On Jan 1, 2016, the minimum wage in California is going up $1 from $9 to $10/hour.  Rather than letting the market dictate our wages and prices, we are legally required to raise wages.  Not only are wages increasing,  but proportionally, so do corresponding employment expenses.  Now please don’t misunderstand me.  My employees are fantastic and I am proud of their efforts and great attitude.  I simply prefer that the market dictate wages, rather than the state.  But I digress.

While our rates are increasing, they remain competitive and are a great value.

Donnie, Dominic, and Jack on #5

Donnie, Dominic, and Jack on #5

  • We continue to offer senior rates to those 55 years old and up.  Best in the Antelope Valley.  Most of our competitors offer senior rates at 60 years old.
  • Juniors play for free with a paid adult everyday after 12pm. That’s a great deal – spend some time with your kids and introduce them to this great game!
  • We offer a relaxing golf experience with beautiful lakes and trees.  We aren’t distracted by car horns or road noise.

We are proud to remain an oasis in the desert and the best golf value in the Antelope Valley.  We hope you enjoy our efforts.

And so on a lighter note, let’s schedule that tee time and play some golf!

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