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Hi everyone,

Whoa, it’s been a hot one and it hasn’t been officially summer for even a month!  Please stay hydrated and stay as cool as possible during your round.  We’ll be getting some new caps in soon or try a Chilly Sports Towel around your neck.

Last week, a golfer asked me to explain the handicap line on our scorecards.  For all of you who were curious, but didn’t want (or care enough 🙂 to ask, let me give it a try.

For an 18 hole course, holes are ranked by difficulty from 1-18.  In our case, hole #4 is the easiest, so it is ranked 18 and 17 (for front and back nine respectively) by the SCGA.  Hole #2 is the hardest, so it is ranked #2 and #1.

When adjusting your score for your handicap, start with the hardest hole and subtract 1 from your score for that hole.  Work your way up until you reach your handicap.  For example, if your handicap is 3 (must be nice!), you would deduct 1 from your score on handicap holes 1, 2, and 3 (the three most difficult holes).  Tally up your adjusted score and that’s your ‘net’ score for the round.

This precise adjustment is really only necessary for tournaments with playoff holes or tie breakers.

Perfect for that Special Golfer

Don’t know what to get that special golfer in your life?   How about Rancho Sierra gift cards, which can be used on anything at Rancho Sierra Golf Course?  Use them just like a prepaid debit card, they can be recharged for any amount.

Book Your Next Tee Time ONLINE

Our new online reservation system has been up and running for a while now.  It’s a fast and simple way of scheduling your tee time 24/7.  Book two months out in advance for golf or footgolf, regular or senior, twilight or nine holes plus, we can handle it all!  No credit card required, simply schedule your tee time online and pay at the course 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.

Thanks to all who have reached out with questions/comments.  Please continue to do so by filling out a suggestion card in the clubhouse, or sending us feedback via your digital receipt.

Thank you for your support!  And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help improve your experience at Rancho Sierra.

News from the Clubhouse

Whew I haven’t felt a heat wave like this for quite a few years, days and days in the hundreds. That is a big reason to stay hydrated with lots of water, they say if you get overheated and thirsty that is a sure sign for heat stroke. We don’t want that happening to any of our customers. We sell plenty of different kinds of beverages along with 3 different kinds of water, or bring your own from home either way we want everyone to be hydrated and not dehydrated! Also there are coolers on the course.

We now have a Summer Sizzler Special which is between 12pm and 3pm your green fee is 50% off, not for carts just green fees. Our twilight is at 3pm and 9 holes plus is at 5pm. A little cooler at those times.

Our hours are from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Please call or make a tee time, you can do this up to 2 months in advance. By doing this it assures you a time and day to start and not have to wait or go to the range which for some the range would be a great starting point to the game.

Have you played with someone who said “They are one under” which means One under the bush, one under a tree, one under a rock!!

Stop in and eat we after you play or before and even during, we have hot dogs, polish dogs and on the weekends a crock pot full of chili cooking, along with a full variety of beers and sodas. Not in the mood for a meal there are all kinds of snacks available to take out on the course. Need tees, balls, ball markers, shirts, hats and gloves come in next time you’re out here and look around, don’t see what you are looking for ask us and we will try and get it for you

Thinking of getting together with friends to play make it a tournament and invite friends from work or family we will help you host a tournament. We also have a Men’s Club that play Tuesday, Thursday and Sun come out and play as a guest with them to see if you would like to join. They play a variety of games and have quite a few members.

Starting the 16th of this month the Sunday Men’s Club starts at 7:00 and on Tuesday and Thursday they are still at 8:00 but will be changing to an earlier time. We will try and keep everyone updated for info call the pro shop and they will give you the times when they change.

“The first chapter in the RULES OF GOLF is etiquette apparently everyone starts reading at chapter TWO”

Please be courteous and allow faster players to play through everyone wants to keep the pace up and by not letting faster players through it backs up the whole course. If you’re in a group of 5 which is up to the discretion of the starter you must let faster players to go through unless the course is so full there is no room or empty tee boxes.

Mens Club News

As the summer has warmed up the RSMC Sunday weekly game has moved our start to 7:00AM, must be signed up by 6:45. (Mid-week is still starting at 8:00AM)

We would like to wish 2 of our Board Members a good send off – Vice-president Jon Smith and Handicap Chairman Gerry Webb have both recently moved out of state and we wish them the best in their new adventures. Replacing them is Cameron Cromer as Vice-President and Pete Zeko as Handicap Chairman.  I would like to Thank both of them for stepping up for our Men’s Club.

An upcoming event is the RSMC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.  Winner receives an entry into the SCGA TOURNAMENT OF CLUB CHAMPIONS in Palm Springs. This year we’re doing something different for this Tournament.  We are playing 4 weeks, and using your best 3 rounds as Low Net to get a winner. Entry for this is $25 per Player. Additional Info is posted on the Men’s Club board at the golf course.

With the course being in such good condition, we have voted to No Longer Bump the Ball. So Play it as it lies! This will be a challenge for all of us. The Men’s Club is always looking to recruit new members, and we’re hoping some former members might be considering returning.  I’d like to say come on out and give us a go!

As the President my goal is to increase our membership, and have fun, building friendships and a comradery, where we look forward to the next round with the Men’s Club.

See Ya’ll out there – Paul Romer

If you have any questions, please email us or visit us on  Facebook.Don’t forget the ultimate golf etiquette.  Respect the course, your fellow players, yourself and the game of golf.

Tips From Our Pro

Differentiating Between a Pitch and a Chip Shot

Understanding the difference between a pitch and a chip will increase your accuracy for more consistent results.

When hitting a chip shot, attaining the correct set up should be your first focus. Your stance should be similar to how you would address a putt, in most cases about shoulder width apart. Your Grip should also be similar to putting, with the club close to the palm of your top hand to minimize wrist movement in your stroke. Your ball position should be slightly back of center to ensure that your hands are slightly ahead of the ball at impact. Once your set up is conducive for hitting a chip shot, the stroke should have minimal wrist movement lead by the rocking of your shoulders. This set up and technique will produce a lower, running shot with minimal carry.

For a pitch shot your stance should be slightly narrower than that of a chip to raise your center of gravity. Having a higher center of gravity promotes a steeper angle into impact which creates more spin. Your grip should be the same as it is for full golf shot, with the club under the palm of your top hand to promote a wrist hinge. Ball position should be back of center with the majority of your weight resting on your front foot to promote your hands being ahead of the golf ball at impact. When making the swing your shoulders should lead the sequence while your grip allows your wrists to hinge. The combination of the fundamentals listed will produce greater spin and a higher trajectory.

Starting with a fundamental set up will make executing different types of golf shots repeatable. Differentiating between a pitch and a chip will ensure that the proper shot is played, increasing your likelihood of attaining a great result.

Patrick Londono
Golf Professional – Rancho Sierra Golf Course
(661) 400-9515

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