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Hi everyone,

Please welcome our newest golf pro – Paul Do Canto previously at Birdies.  Paul brings his special talents to Rancho Sierra this month.  Click here to learn more about our two teaching professionals, Paul and Patrick, along with their price sheets and contact info.

Watch for announcements on upcoming clinics and leagues for golfers of all ages and skill levels!

Book Your Next Tee Time ONLINE

Our new online reservation system has been up and running for a while now.  It’s a fast and simple way of scheduling your tee time 24/7.  Book two months out in advance for golf or footgolf, regular or senior, twilight or nine holes plus, we can handle it all!  No credit card required, simply schedule your tee time online and pay at the course 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.

Thanks to all who have reached out with questions/comments.  Please continue to do so by filling out a suggestion card in the clubhouse, or sending us feedback via your digital receipt.

Thank you for your support!  And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help improve your experience at Rancho Sierra.

News from the Clubhouse

We here at the golf course hope everyone had a safe and happy time during the holidays. They came and went so fast and we are already half way through January, did you get that new driver, iron or any golf items? This is the place to try them out on, and practice on our driving range, we don’t use mats just plain green grass so you will have to use your own tees. Out of tees we have an assorted variety of different sizes and different kinds.

Our hours our now 6:30am opening and close at 5:00pm. You can practice putting and chipping at our putting green next to tee box by #8 or go to the range which for some the range would be a great starting point to the game. Speaking of the range we have Range Cards $49.95 for 30 days of unlimited use of the range. You can choose any size bucket, spend the day or drop in once or twice a week.

Looking to play in a tournament? We will help you set one up. We try and keep everyone updated on any tournaments we may be hosting at the course. For info call the pro shop and they will give you the times and days if we have any scheduled.

Don’t want golf try our foot golf for a fun time and you can also set up a foot golf tournament. Great for the younger kids who are on school vacation.

We have new carts at the course so please if you see anybody mistreating them and not using them safely please inform us, the damage that is done takes that said cart out of commission not to mention the repair costs.  Call the pro shop or identify yourself and ask them to please be a little more careful as no one wants to pay higher rental fees.

Hungry and wanting a snack we have all kinds of candy, chips, cookies and an abundance of sodas or water. Also a great variety of beers. We also usually have hot dogs and Polish dogs cooking and on the weekends, chili and pepper bellies.

Any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask the starters.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to find it.

“Golf is easy keep hitting the wee little ball straight until it goes into the hole”.  How simple is that? NOT!!

Mens Club News

Happy New Year from the Mens Club!

There are a lot of exciting things planned for 2018.

Saturday, February 17 the Mens Club is in the planning stages for an away outing either in Riverside or Victorville. More details will come later and will be announced on our Facebook page and at the Mens Club meeting on February 4.

Sunday, March 18th will be the first Bi-annual Classic – our partners, high/low, blind draw best ball tournament. Entry fee is $50 and must be received Friday, March 16th by 5:00 when the draw will take place. There will also be additional sidepots available to increase your chances of becoming a winner. Our second Bi-annual Classic will be Sunday, September 16.

Tuesday, April 3 will be the first Mid-week event similar to the Classic. Entry fee and deadline will be posted later. The second Mid-week event will be Tuesday, October 2nd.

Sunday, May 6th is the first Points Tournament. This tournament is in addition to the regular Sunday tournament but there is an additional sidepot for all the regular members who have supported the Mens Club over the last six months. The second Points Tournament will be in October.

June 15 & 16, the Mens Club is planning a two-day overnight outing to the Primm Valley Golf Courses! We have a midday tee time on Friday on the Lakes Course and a morning tee time on Saturday on the Desert Course. Green Fees: $50 on Friday and $60 on Saturday. This outing is open and available to all guests, friends, and family of the Mens Club. These are two wonderful courses with a casino and shopping mall nearby. Your non-golfing significant other will also enjoy this outing. Even if you can’t make both days, you are welcome to join us on whichever day you’re available. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MENS CLUB MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF OUR AWAY OUTINGS! We welcome you to be our guest.

Our other Away Tournaments will be Crystalaire in August and the AV Country Club in November. More details as we get closer to those dates.

And don’t forget that the Mens Club usually has a special tournament on the holidays- President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, and Santa’s Christmas Shoot –out!


If you have any questions, please email us or visit us on  Facebook.

Don’t forget the ultimate golf etiquette.  Respect the course, your fellow players, yourself and the game of golf.

Tips from Our Pro

First and foremost I want to THANK everyone for the warm welcome which I have received. It is very much appreciated!!!

I’m hoping that this month’s golf tip will help you no matter what level your game is at. Beginner – Intermediate or Advanced… Here we go!

Practice With A Purpose!

How many of us come out and hit an endless amount of range balls and see very little improvement in our swing or on the scorecard? The reason – We are basically hitting balls and not much else. We take an iron or a driver and hit AT the same target over and over hoping that this effort transfers to the course or we gain 20 yards magically.

What we need is to “Practice With A Purpose”…You’re asking…What does that mean?

Let’s think about this – How is the game played? We hit a ball – We walk or ride. We hit a ball – We walk or ride. We hit a ball – We walk or ride. But is this the way we practice? Probably not. When you come out to the range have a game plan and a time frame of what to work on and stick to it. Here is a quick example:

  • Putting – (10 minutes) Starting with long lag putts and finishing out with 8 footers and in. (Use the same balls you are going to play the round with. This way it’s the same feel/sound/distance and spin you will be getting out on the course. After all…How can your putting be consistent if your tools are different on every stroke?)
  • Wedges – (10 shots to specific targets and yardages)
  • Irons – (10 shots to specific targets and yardages)
  • Fairways/Hybrids – (10 shots to specific targets and yardages)
  • Driver – (10 shots to specific target) If the driver is not working…Go put it in the trunk of your car – Why fight it?  Just step back and be amazed how you WILL lower your scores by taking this approach. Next step speed dial your swing coach for the next available appointment! 661.965.3498

Now you have got about 15 balls left in that medium bucket…Mix it up as if you are on the course and play one of your favorite holes from that venue.. Lets say it’s a driver/hybrid/wedge you would hit on that hole…Hit that combo and see how you do. If the practice putting green is on the way to the first tee,,,Drop a couple more putts just to ensure you are good to go.

Staying hydrated and having snacks during these sessions on the range and during the round, is just as important as that swing or stroke you are working on otherwise you will lose energy/focus and you are right back at point zero.

Ensure you schedule enough time to accomplish your goal list and pause in between shots…Just like the game is played.

Please look for an upcoming news letter where we will help you to keep stats on your scorecard which will indicate what to work on during your next range session..

Be Good To Each Other!

Paul Do Canto
(661) 965-3498

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